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  • shir and abby2

    The Power of Biennial from 2149 Miles Away

    By Shir Attias, NFTY-SW Religious and Cultural Vice President Friday afternoon I got home from school, changed into a dress, and picked out my favorite cardigan. I fixed my hair, did my makeup for the first time all week, and grabbed a blanket. Plopping on the couch, I turned on

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  • Shir and Max

    High Hopes for the High Holidays

    By Shir Attias,  NFTY-SW Religious and Cultural Vice-President I remember the high holidays as a kid very well: huge dinner tables laden with soups, meats, and deserts; long winded services telling us to ask for forgiveness and look forward to a new year. I remember the long sermons prompting introspection,

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