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  • NFTY-SW Candidates for Regional Board Elections 2019-2020

    It is written in the Talmud “It is not the position that honors the person, but the person who honors the position.” Teen leadership is one of the highest priorities within NFTY. There are many opportunities, on local, regional and North American levels, to be involved in peer-to-peer and adult-teen leadership experiences.   NFTY-SW is governed

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  • Reflections on NFTY Convention 2019

    Seeing six teens you don’t know can be overwhelming. But try nearly 600 teens like at NFTY Convention. I was lucky enough to go into the weekend knowing a number of people from my region and from my time at URJ Kutz Camp last summer, but even with that, I still sometimes felt lost in a sea of faces I didn’t recognize. I felt like I was starting all over again in NFTY.

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