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  • Creation of the World – B’reishit

    Shabbat Shalom, my name is Brooke Weiss. I am a senior from TCTY and this is my third fall kallah. This week’s Torah portion is B’reishit. It is the beginning of the Torah cycle and discusses the creation of the world. God creates the world in seven days, concluding with the first Shabbat. The first Shabbat was a very important beginning and although this is NOT the first Shabbat this weekend, it IS the first NFTY Shabbat for a lot of you.

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  • 50% of GETY: How NFTY Helped Maintain my Judaism When My Temple Closed Its Doors

    Even though I resented the drive to Sunday School every week and dreaded having to add Thursdays to the equation once I reached the fourth grade, it was still my home. It may have rented space from a church and had only three religious school teachers, but the community was like a family. My friend and NFTY Giant Jon Raben once described it as, “a bunch of friends got together and hired a rabbi, then the rabbi became their friend.” He couldn’t have been more correct.

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