Blog  Highlights from Fall Kallah 2016

Highlights from Fall Kallah 2016

By Shira Khotim, NFTY-SW Editor

It’s already been over two weeks since we said goodbye to the beautiful Prescott Pines where we spent Fall Kallah. Fall Kallah was an incredible weekend filled with Shabbat under the stars, new friends, and a fun and spirited Color War, where both the Salmon and Blue teams did amazing! Around 180 NFTYites attended Fall, and it was definitely a weekend to remember. Fall left us missing our special NFTY-SW community, and ready for Winter Kallah to come. Read on for some of the weekend highlights…


Spending Shabbat under the Stars in the beautiful (but also freezing) Camp Stein Chapel.

Enjoying an amazing Shabbat dinner with matzah ball soup & brisket.

Singing our hearts out in an exciting Shabbat Shira led by Spike (Jacob Kraus) and our fantastic song leaders.

NFTY-SW gathered together to watch the seniors at their last Fall Kallah, launching their senior ships.

An interactive mixer led by our Membership Vice President, Ethan Blyn. NFTYites tested their teamwork skills to see if their group’s egg could survive the ultimate egg drop. Good job NFTY-SW!! Only one egg cracked out of 10 teams.14449946_329772364036070_8550244397661883647_n

Shabbat Morning Tfillah where we watched some of our fellow NFTYites blossom as they read Torah. There was also a hilarious unexpected Shabbat Sha-rap featuring our SW President, Abby Adelman, Spike Kraus, and NFTY Alumni, Matt Wall!

A meaningful program about what Judaism means to NFTY-SW. Topics included: expressing your Judaism through NFTY, struggling with believing in G-d, the community and culture of Judaism, and feeling a connection to Israel. Everyone came together to create a “Tree of Reform Judaism.”

Super exciting color war where the Salmon team and the Blue team went head to head! Each team created a song, dance, skit, cake, and participated in a variety of different sports activities. Both teams brought their full energy and enthusiasm to the games! Blue team won in the end, but everyone had so much fun. Color wars really brought us together as a region, and yet allowed each person to utilize their strengths.

Exploring the importance of the High Holidays and what they mean to each of us personally. Many NFTYites took charge and group led during this program.


Watching NFTY-SW show off their incredible talent in the talent show! We even got to see Regional Board dance for us.

Closing the night with Havdallah and a special S’lichot service marking the beginning of the High Holiday season.

Friendship circle together as a Kehillah Kedoshah.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this event the best it could be!