Blog  Taking Care of Ourselves

Taking Care of Ourselves

By: Shira Khotim, NFTY-SW Editor

More than three weeks have passed since NFTY-SW left Winter Kallah, where we learned about mental and physical health in Scottsdale, Arizona. Throughout the weekend we participated in educational and interactive programs while learning about our mental and physical health.

Being a teenager can be exceptionally stressful for many of us. Whether you are stressed out about earning good grades, balancing activities, friendships, being healthy, or family relationships, every teenager has experienced some amount of stress or hardship. At Winter Kallah, we acknowledged that each one of us has a responsibility to take care of ourselves before we are able to take care of anyone else. Taking time for ourselves allowed us to explore different tools and information to help us with our mental and physical health.

The mental health electives offered discussed a variety of different sub-topics. We learned about what it feels like to be stressed, and how we can to redirect stress in a positive way. Stress can be a motivator to accomplish work or help you with a certain task. This new perspective was interesting to many of us. It was great to learn about how everyone has different coping skills to manage stress. Some use working out to relieve stress, while others prefer to read or watch a show. Additionally, we had the opportunity to relax with a yoga program, meditation, adult coloring books, and additional discussions. Many of us became more informed about mental health and discovered that we are not alone in the challenges we face with it.

The physical health programs that we had were a great way to learn more about our bodies and diets. Some of us were able to talk to a dietician and discover which foods are truly bad for us.  Many of us were shocked to find out that cold pressed juice really is not good for you. Physical health is important because it has an interconnected relationship with mental health. If you eat healthier, and take care of yourself, you are more likely to be happier and feel more content. It was awesome for a lot of us to become truly informed on what’s good for you, and how to take care of our bodies.

Overall, Winter Kallah was exceptionally informative, while also being interactive and fun! We can’t wait to see you all at Spring Kallah.