Blog  SW NFTY78 Social Action Weekend Recap

SW NFTY78 Social Action Weekend Recap

Abby Adelman, NFTY-SW President (2016-2017)

We can’t believe it was a whole week ago that our whole community was together.  On behalf of the outgoing and incoming NFTY-SW regional boards, we had a great time giving our newest members a taste of NFTY.  Here’s what we were up to:

  • Made friends and got to know each other through fun mixers, like reconstructing a banana!
  • Celebrated Shabbat with a delicious dinner and Friday night services for the first time together.
  • Volunteered at St. Vincent DePaul where we learned about hydroponic farming, repackaged girl scout cookies, and helped in the food warehouse.
  • For Saturday morning services, we explored prayers through art.
  • We decorated birthday bags for kids in the Foster Care system.
  • Learned the NFTY cheer and did it all together (Stomp, clap, stomp, clap. 5-6-7-8)
  • Everyone went back to their host homes to relax and hangout with their new friends.
  • We met back up for some epic bowling.
  • We ended the night and week with Havdallah all together under the stars.
  • On Sunday Morning we all said L’hitraot because we can’t wait to see you back!

This weekend all the participants made new friends, learned about social action, and explored different ways of praying.  For the 8th graders, We cannot wait to see you at Fall Kallah at Camp Stein in October.  For the 7th graders, we cannot wait to see you again next year!

Thank you all for an incredible weekend!