Blog  NFTY-SW General Board and Chair Applications 2017-2018

NFTY-SW General Board and Chair Applications 2017-2018

NFTY-SW is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to lead. It’s said right in the NFTY Mission Statement that we pursue personal growth and youth empowerment through teen-powered engagement. We all love NFTY and are committed to making it better, and there is no better opportunity to make a positive impact. As not only leaders, but participants ourselves, we have amazing insight on how to make the change we want to see in the region. Being on General Board gives everyone the ability to make the change necessary for our community. These positions you see listed below are crucial leadership positions and important roles to the vibrancy of NFTY-SW. Beyond that, if you feel there is something we are lacking that you have the ability to improve, you can create your own position. Stepping up and committing to a position will help you develop leadership skills, communication, work ethic, creativity and so much more. Thank you so much for your commitment to NFTY-SW and I hope you decide to make the amazing choice to make change in our community.

Nathan Rix
NFTY-SW President

Head songleader application
Editor/historian application
Spirit chair application
Create a position application