Blog  NFTY Phoenix @ the Phoenix Pride Parade

NFTY Phoenix @ the Phoenix Pride Parade

by Jacob Cohen

The Phoenix Pride Parade was such an amazing day full of love and happiness. I chose to march to support everyone in the LGBT community and to support love. I can’t even fathom as to why there is so much hate in this world when there is no better feeling than being surrounded by friends feeling nothing but love and happiness. I did not know who else from my temple was going to go march and when I got to the bus that morning at Temple Chai, I knew it was going to be an amazing day. We talked and hung out on the bus while driving downtown and then upon arrival we met up with a group of soooo many more people representing the Jewish community in Phoenix. It was so amazing to see everyone come out in support for the LGBT community. Before we all went to go get in line to march in the parade, I even got interviewed by the Cronkite journalism school run by ASU.

I strongly believe it is very important to support everyone in the LGBT community. If 2 people love each other then everyone should support them unconditionally. It is important for the Jewish community to support the LGBT community because we as Jews, know just as much as anyone, what it is like to feel hate and how terribly that feels. There are people that show hate just to show hate and it is our job, as Jews and as good people, to drown out hate with love and support.

While walking in the parade and throwing frisbees to the cheering crowd we showed our love. We proudly wore our bright red T-shirts and represented the Jewish people and the acceptance that we all have been taught in religious school. While in downtown Phoenix that day I learned that no matter how much love I show towards Judaism, NFTY, school, friends and family that I can  show more love. It doesn’t matter if I am tired or distracted or not even in the same state, I will always have enough energy to stay up late or go out of the way to say that extra “I love you”.


by Julia Winter

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 the annual Gay Pride parade was held in downtown Phoenix, AZ. I had the honor of attending to show my support with Temple Chai. I believe that you should be able to love whomever you choose- no matter what race, religion, gender or sexual preference.  I am so glad that at least once a year people from all over come to celebrate and support that same belief.

For my outfit of the day I went with denim shorts and the red t-shirt that was provided to me by Temple Chai. Usually I don’t wear very colorful things on a daily basis, but during pride I deeply regretted not owning at least a few rainbow patterned clothing items. Everywhere you looked you were overcome with the rainbow flag and the unique fashion trends coming from the people lined up on the street. The word “dress-code” does not apply when it comes to the pride parade. I saw everything from graphic tees with encouraging words to costumes with wings and just about anything in between.The amount of pure joy that was on the face of a man who was wearing a beautifully done face of makeup, and a woman who was able to openly kiss her partner without judgment was truly amazing to see.

This was my second time going to the parade and I hope I can go for many years in the future because the amount of loving energy never left me from the minute I arrived to the moment I stepped back on the bus.