Blog  Apply to be on NFTY-SW General Board for 2018-2019

Apply to be on NFTY-SW General Board for 2018-2019

There are so many great leaders in NFTY-SW, and so much work to be done!  NFTY-SW is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to lead.   We pursue personal growth and youth empowerment through teen-powered engagement. If you love NFTY and are committed to making it better, there is no better opportunity to make a positive impact then to take a leadership role.  Being on General Board gives everyone the chance to help shape our region. Stepping up and committing to a position will help you develop leadership skills, communication, work ethic, creativity and so much more. Thank you so much for your commitment to NFTY-SW and I hope you decide to make the amazing choice to help lead our community.

Maya Levy
NFTY-SW President

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