Blog  An Epic Shabbat Sha-Rap! Ha’azinu at NFTY-SW Fall Kallah

An Epic Shabbat Sha-Rap! Ha’azinu at NFTY-SW Fall Kallah

We have amazing and talented staff and advisors in NFTY-SW.  Check out this epic Shabbat Sha-rap about Ha’azinu from our NFTY-SW Fall Kallah Shabbat morning service this weekend.  Thank you to Matt, Carly, Amalia and Taylor for teaching us Torah!


Shabbat Sha-Rap Saturday morning and the peeps are here It’s time for Shabbat, let me get a cheer
We’ll talk about Moses, Aaron, the Levites too Ayoo Matt, you know what to do
Repenting for our sins, it’s called Yom Kippur
For those who fasted, hope you did endure

This portion is a big long poem to y’all My Israelite crew, from the window to the wall
We say goodbye to Moses as he climbs on up After 40 years,
Joshua is the backup Moses is about to die, there ain’t no overtime
Let’s enjoy this poem together, one last time
Give ear, O heavens, let me speak;

Let the earth hear the words I utter
Be thankful to the Lord My God; Climbing Nebo, never stutter
I won’t make it to the Promised Land, it hurts but that’s okay
Too bad they don’t have Tik Tok in the land of Canaan, this poem would absolutely slay
Yeah, I’m gonna take my staff and part the Red Sea
Standing up to the Pharaoh, nobody will mess with me

Time to switch up gears, give a few shout outs
Introduce you to the legends of our region, no doubts
First up is Lynne, she’s our almighty queen bee
Moving up in ranks, the next director of NFTY
Been around the block for 19 years
Her last Fall Kallah, send her lots of cheers

Don’t forget about Ellen, she’s tons of fun
If you’re talking during services, you might wanna run
She’ll yell at you and then you’re out of luck
Then you’ll sit in the corner, feeling like a shh shhh

We got Stacey, Erin, and Carly too
They rep their TYG’s, through and through
From the T to the C to the T to the Y
KATY is way better, not gonna lie

Welcome to the region, NFTY 7/8
We’re here at Camp Stein let’s celebrate
Got all the states representing Southwest
Of all the NFTY regions, Southwest is the best

So throw your hands in the air
And do do the cactus, like you don’t even care
Thanks for listening to our third rap
Stay tuned for more, we’re putting ourselves on the map T
his has been your, Shabbat Sha rap