Blog  Take a Leadership Role in NFTY-SW in 2020-2021

Take a Leadership Role in NFTY-SW in 2020-2021

NFTY-SW is reliant on the leadership of Jewish teens. There is so much work to be done and so many jobs available for each individual. The general board allows each participant to find their niche and specialize in making our region great. Whether it is music, editing, or your spirit that makes you special, there is a position that suits you. The experience of being on the general board helps build leadership skills that will be used throughout the rest of your life. This year, rather than having people apply for separate positions, we are creating a new format so that each general board member has more opportunities to try new things within their interest. Each applicant will fill out the application for the area they are interested in, reporting to their committee leader in the aspects of programming, social action, religion and culture, membership, and communications. I hope to see your application for the NFTY-SW general board!

The deadline for all positions is September 7, 2020.

Submissions for committees and task forces will be reviewed on a continuing basis.

Your commitment to our region is greatly appreciated.


Jordan Feinberg
NFTY-SW President 5780-5781

Programming Committee
NFTY SW Programming Task Force Application

Social Action Committee
NFTY SW Social Action Committee

Religious and Cultural Committee
NFTY SW Religious and Cultural Committee Application
NFTY SW Song Leading Application

Membership Committee
NFTY SW Welcoming Committee Application
NFTY Phoenix Chair Application

Communications Committee
NFTY SW Communications Committee Application

NFTY SW Create a Position Application