Candidates for President

Dylan Brooks

Hi, my name is Dylan Brooks and I am running for President of NFTY-SW. Currently, I am finishing up my Junior year in high school and serving as president of my school’s Jewish Student Union. I spend my summers at Camp Stein and will be on staff for the first time this year. I spend most of my time after school teaching at the Congregation Beth Israel preschool or playing recreational basketball. I also enjoy spending my free time listening to classic rock and cuddling with my cute pupper, Nelson. Read more about Dylan’s platform.

Candidates for Programming Vice President

Josh Rosenblum

Hi NFTY-SW! My name is Josh Rosenblum and I’m so excited to be running for your 2019-20 Programming Vice President! I’m currently a homeschooled sophomore from the Phoenix metro area, but I’ve also lived in Chicago, New York, and New Jersey, so I’m kind of an East Coast guy. I love hiking, playing guitar, talking about baseball, and of course, going to NFTY events! This year I was a member of the NFTY-SW Welcoming Committee and I would be honored to serve as your Programming Vice President. Read more about Josh’s platform.

Candidates for Social Action Vice President

Natalie Shinbaum

Hi NFTY-SW – my name is Natalie Shinbaum. I am a sophomore living in Scottsdale, Arizona and currently holding the position of Social Action Vice President for my TYG. I have two older siblings, both NFTY alumni. I just started playing Lacrosse on my school team and picked up the position of goalie a few weeks ago. I have a big obsession for the band Queen (I have a fish named Fishy Mercury) and have seen Bohemian Rhapsody at least 10 times. My favorite food is sushi and my favorite pastime activity is telling puns to annoy my siblings. I look forward to seeing all you NFTY-ites at Spring Kallah!                                                                   Read more about Natalie’s platform.


Ben Siamon

Knock Knock. Who’s there? It’s me Ben Siamon and I am running to be your SAVP! I am a high school junior in Scottsdale, an avid fan of musicals, choir, political humor and basketball. I am also known to crack the occasional corny joke… Okay maybe I’ve done that a little more often (proud owner of five joke books). NFTY is a community where I feel like I belong and I hope to be able to give something back to the community that has given so much to me.
Read more about Ben’s platform.


Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice President

Maya Bellowe

Shalom NFTY Southwest! My name is Maya Belllowe, and I am excited to serve as your Religious & Cultural Vice-President! I will be going into my senior year of High School. I have a passion for both religion and NFTY and want to help influence others’ perspectives of Judaism. I currently serve as the RCVP for my youth group, TCTY. In my free time, I sing (mostly Queen songs!) and I volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo. I am beyond thrilled to be able to contribute even more to the NFTY Southwest community!
Read more about Maya’s platform.

Sarah Warner

Hi, I’m Sarah Warner, and I am running to be the 2019-2020/5779-5780 Religious and Cultural Vice President. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and I’m a junior in MHITY. I grew up at a Jewish preschool and my family was active in our congregation, and when I was 6 years old, my family and several others helped start a small reform temple in central Phoenix. I spent the last 10 summers at Jewish summer camp, and last summer, I spent a month in Israel. As I grew up, my parents and synagogue leaders instilled in me a love for Judaism, Jewish values, and Israel. Through my own journey and learning, Judaism and Israel have become central parts of my identity. I look forward to continuing my Jewish learning in NFTY and beyond.  Read more about Sarah Warner’s Platform

Candidates for Membership Vice President

Jordan Feinberg

Hi NFTY-Southwest! I’m Jordan Feinberg and I’m running to be your Membership Vice President! I am an upcoming junior from Las Vegas, Nevada and a passionate NFTY-ite. I am currently the Membership Vice President of SVTY and a member of the NFTY-Southwest Welcoming Committee. When I’m not talking about how much I miss my NFTY friends, you can usually find me dancing, eating macaroni and cheese, working on my school’s daily broadcast, and volunteering at my temple and various events around Las Vegas. I am a sucker for the Jonas Brothers, icebreakers, and dad jokes. Most importantly, I am extremely passionate about NFTY and its members, as the members are what makes NFTY so amazing! I am so excited to see all of your beautiful faces at future events! Read more about Jordan’s platform.

Maddie Schur

Maddie Schur is thrilled to be running for 2019-2020 Membership Vice President! She is a rising senior from BITY, where she also is a Madricha and attends Hebrew High. At her school, she is a member of NHS and Jewish Student Union. When she’s not at temple or school, you can find her updating her playlist on Spotify, making a new friend or looking forward to her upcoming summer at the URJ Kutz Camp.
Read more about Maddie’s platform.

Candidates for Communications Vice President

Jacob Cohen

“Hi I’m Jacob Cohen! I’m running to be your CVP for this upcoming year. When I’m not in school I’m hanging out with friends or with my dog, pickles. To quote Ron burgundy, “I’m kind of a big deal”.
Read more about Jacob’s platform.